Dry As Rain, by Gina Holmes

This book was definitely not dry. I can’t remember the last time I read a romantic fiction that was so easy to get into and so quick to hook me. The book begins with Eric’s thoughts about being separated from his wife, Kyra, and crossing the line of betrayal. He soon learns that an automobile accident has left Kyra with amnesia, and she’ll need a caregiver. Since she doesn’t remember the marital problems that have come about over the last few years, her husband is given a new shot at repairing the breach. How far can he go without sharing the full truth with the woman he still loves and wants to win back?

I enjoy a good love story, but I do find the men in most stories a bit angelic at times. They delve into their emotions and say things no normal man would say, getting much more “warm and fuzzy” than any men I know. This is NOT a book full of fluffy words and feminine men. Although we hear the whole story from Eric’s point-of-view and this is clearly a love story, there’s no doubt that this guy is a man’s man. The hero is real. He is struggling with real issues, and he must face the real consequences of his actions. He speaks in everyday language, is sometimes a bad father, a bad friend, a bad husband.

There were so many themes touched on throughout the book, including forgiveness, misunderstandings, empty nest, marital infidelity, addictions, divorce, grace, and prejudice. I would recommend this to anyone of the age to be considering marriage, as there are some great life lessons, but the content is questionable for anyone younger than that. Don't expect something from a cheap date movie where Cupid prevails in ways that make no sense. Instead, the characters and situations are believable, but never predictable. The story is inspiring and touching, but above all, real. I felt like I was on the other end of a phone, listening to a friend fill me in on his life. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it.

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