Who's in the Hammock?

Well, mostly me, but sometimes others drop by.  I've always been a bookworm, only in the last few years have I started reviewing what I read.  I'm pretty picky about what I put in the hands of my girls (14 and 16) and have appreciated honest reviews I find online.  Why not return the favor, right?  But with two teenagers, a busy husband, and the life of missionaries in South America, who has time to read?

In February, 2010, I broke my femur.  In other words, LOTS of time to read.  The resulting surgeries and rehabilitation left me much less mobile, much more bored, and much in need of something to pass the time.  In this time, I came to really appreciate the availability of online review sites and publishers who value our opinions.

I mostly read Christian fiction, including fantasy, young adult, contemporary, mystery, and romance--even Amish fiction if the mood hits me just right.  I love to get my hands on the latest devotionals for teens or women, and I enjoy self-help, marriage, and parenting books.  And, of course, anything to do with missions.

If you swing by, you have a personal invitation to hang out on my hammock, dig through my library, and relax a bit in the shade.  I'll even serve you tereré!