Girls Gone Wise, by Mary Kassian

I recently had the privilege of reading an e-copy of Mary Kassian’s book, Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, thanks to the folks over at NetGalley. Targeted at women of all ages, this book would benefit any female from 12 to 112 who wants to be sure she is following God’s plan for Biblical femininity. Using Solomon’s descriptions of a woman of wisdom (Proverbs 31) and a wild woman (Proverbs 7), Kassian highlights twenty areas of life that are measuring points for where each of us fall on the scale. She delved into these areas, such as possessions, attitudes, and roles, and shined enough light for the reader to examine herself clearly.

Not only were the chapters very informative, but they were packed with examples and stories that made the reading easy and interesting. It was easy while reading to tell where I fell on the scale between wise and wild. The author didn’t only inform the reader about the difference, but she also explained the cultural dynamics that turn us toward the wild side, and the Biblical truths that call us to live a life of wisdom.

I enjoyed reading this book alone but plan to use it with our daughters and perhaps as a small-group study with other young ladies. The study questions and webpage full of further resources make this a must-have for women of all ages, as well as those who work with girls and women.

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