The Healing, by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Who doesn't love a good Amish romance novel? I wasn't disappointed when I picked up The Healing and got swept into the world of plain people. There is typically a level of predictability in these novels that makes them an easy read, without much guesswork involved. However, I was biting my nails and reading quickly through several parts to see how the characters would work out their dilemmas, and who would end up in love with whom.

A young father moves out of state just after the death of his wife, hoping he and his four children can make a new start and move past the suffocating grief. He is so caught up in his depression that he neglects his children. The community steps in to offer help, including a new, successful friend who offers this widower a job.

At the same time, a young lady who's recently lost her fiance to her best friend, finds herself living alone for the first time. She must find a way to make ends meet and navigate these important years of moving into a more independent state of adulthood.

An Englisher moves into town to renovate the home her grandmother left her, and tries to learn about the ways of her Amish neighbors. When she decides to permanently move into this house, she is faced with things to reconcile and new possibilites.

The widower's brother and his fiancee are put into a difficult position as they adapt to all the changes that are taking place. Their love is put to the test, and they begin to question whether they have what it takes to last as a married couple.

As we meet each of these characters and learn of the hurts they've all endured, we see God's hand working within the community to bring about healing. We also see various twists and turns in the romantic feelings, doubts, and declarations that come about in the daily life of these people in need of healing. This is a good book to add to your rainy day list.

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