The Power of Praying Wife Devotional, by Stormie Omartian

The Power of a Praying Wife Devotional: Fresh Insights for You and Your Marriage
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Author Stormie Omartian has done it again! Taking The Power of a Praying Wife a step further, this devotional captures all the feel of her former books, with a practical method for putting these prayers into regular daily use. The topics are divided into three categories--me, him, and us--which rotate throughout the 100 days. This takes the focus off of "God, fix him," types of prayers and invites the reader to look inward and see where God might be wanting to work in her own life, and then to look at her marriage as a partnership.

Each of the 100 days offers an easy-to-read explanation of that day's prayer topic, including supporting scriptures and specific instances when this prayer may be needed or particularly useful. The prayer then wraps this all together in a way that each woman can either read it as written or adapt for her individual circumstances.

The topics range from broad, such as number 31, "When I Long to Excel in All I Do," to very specific, as in number 80, "When He Must Make Peace with His Father". This book can be read straight through to get the maximum benefit of the "I, he, we" pattern, or can be taken out of order when a specific prayer need exists.

This is definitely a book every married Christian woman should read, and one that would make a very timely gift for a new bride. There is a lot to be learned within the pages of the devotional, and a lot to be gained from the prayers that will follow.

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