Escape From Riddler's Pass, by Amy Green

Escape from Riddler’s Pass picks up where Quest for the Scorpion’s Jewel leaves off, as the second book in the Amarias Adventures series.  A group of teenagers trained for the king's elite Youth Guard embarked on a dangerous mission in the first book.  We begin this one with their trip back to where the adventure began.  After returning to reunite with their injured friend, the three young warriors find he’s been kidnapped by a resistance group.  They immediately set off to find and rescue him, leading to all sorts of adventures along the way. 

They are forced to make hard decisions at every turn, some with obvious consequences and others that aren’t so apparent.  They learn the value of wisdom and counsel, and that maybe the God they had written off really is involved in their destinies. 

I enjoyed the development of the characters and the lessons they learned.  I felt like the flow of the story was a little slow in this book, especially compared to Quest.  At times I began to feel the plot was predictable, but just about then some twist would catch me off guard, keeping my interest and making this a book I finished really quickly.  A definite recommendation for older children and teens.

**Thanks to for providing me a copy of this book for review.

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