Little Green Dresses, by Tina Sparkles

Back in the days of living in a country with thrift stores on every corner, I was quite enamored with refashion--taking an ancient muumuu some granny deposited at Goodwill and making a little stitch here, a rip or two there, a button or some ribbon over there, and VOILA!  Instant cute dress.  Now that I'm living in ultimate conserve mode, it's even more appealing to me.

Enter this nicely designed book, Little Green Dresses, 50 Original Patterns for Repurposed Dresses, Tops, Skirts and More.  The girls and I really enjoyed thumbing through the great pictures and picking what we'd like to make.  I can't say that the actual styles of the clothing shown were up my alley, but with some adjustments, there were lots of great finds.  That's what refashion is all about anyway, right?  And did I mention that these are all earth-friendly? 

With easy-to-follow instructions, detailed sketches, and full-color photos, this book would be appropriate for beginners like myself or the more experienced hipsters.  Now, to dig up time to make all those bookmarked little cuties!  

**NOTE:  NetGalley provided me with this book for review purposes.   

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