Uncompromising, by Hannah Farver

With tween and teen daughters in the house and the girls in the weekly Bible study, I'm always on the lookout for good books for young ladies.  I read the summary for Uncompromising and expected author Hannah Farver to write the typical dos and don'ts list with a sprinkling of relationship advice.  What a pleasant surprise to be proved wrong!

Miss Farver is a young gal herself, barely out of her teen years.  She has an incredibly grounded view of life and seems to know how to live that out.  The book begins with an explanation of the Cause and the causes.  God's plan for our lives, centered around His sacrifice and love for us, is THE Cause.  However, we tend to fill our minds and, consequently, our hours on the little causes that seem to be so important, losing sight of the main thing. This book touches on all the normal issues today's young lady faces, from friendships and dating to beauty and self-esteem, but it does so from the inside-out.  Rather than focusing on what you should do, the focus in on why and for whom you should do.  With a study guide included, this is the perfect book for groups large and small, or for sharing with a daughter or young friend.

**NOTE: Moody Publishers via NetGalley provided this book to me for review purposes.

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