The Gospel of Yes, by Mike Glenn

The Gospel of Yes: We Have Missed the Most Important Thing About God. Finding It Changes Everything
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Weaving the stories of how his life took a dramatic turn after learning this concept and how others live it out, author Mike Glenn walks us through the idea that God is a God of yes. What exactly does this mean? It's an entire paradigm shift away from the belief that the Christian life is a miserable one, and that God is a tyrant who oppresses us to keep us in line.

Instead, the author outlines ways that God uses our natural gifts, talents, and personality types--which, consequently, He planned and designed--to lead us into an abundant life. As we live this out, we are functioning in the kingdom as we were meant to, not only benefitting God's work on earth, but fulfilling us as individuals.

Although the book is broken into chapters, each chapter has bite-sized chunks that could easily serve as a daily devotion, and since it's an audiobook, it makes for great listening as you commute. The author, who read the book, has an engaging, pleasant, Southern voice, minus that fake accent that drives us real Southerners crazy.

If you were raised in church as I was, it may take you a while to digest this whole book. Each chapter has concepts that challenged me to think about what I'd been taught, in light of what the Bible says about God and what I've found to be true about Him. I found things I didn't agree with, things I wasn't sure about, and things that caused a light to click on. I'm not sure I'd recommend this book to a new Christian, but ones who've been in this thing for a while will certainly find some food for thought.

I received this book free from the publisher through christianaudio in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I was considering this for one of my review books as well. This gives me a much better understanding of it. With a title like it has, one cannot be too sure of the content :)

    Thanks - Keep well


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