This Scarlet Cord, by Joan Wolf

This Scarlet Cord
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from her webpage): "I have written forty-five books over a span of thirty years. They include regency romances, historical novels, historical romances and historical mysteries....  I was a high school English teacher for nine years before I retired to raise my family."   

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PARENTAL RATING (May contain spoilers):  PG-13.  As much as I enjoyed this book, I can't pass it along to my teen girls. The main crisis of the book deals with the pagan sexual rituals that take place in Jericho, and while the author handled the details delicately, it was a large portion of the story. This is one you'd want to use your own discretion on, however, as the message was one of virtue and integrity, and Rahab's bravery and sound morals surely make her a great role model for young ladies.

What do we really know of the woman Rahab, the Canaanite referred to as a harlot, who played such an integral role in the Israelite's conquest of Jericho? How did she come to have faith in the One True God, this god of her enemies? Where did she find the boldness to betray her countrymen? How was she accepted into the chosen people and allowed to marry one of their men?

This story fills in the gaps between the Biblical facts with a well-told drama of danger, love, and bravery. I found myself rooting for young Rahab from the beginning of the book, and excited as the god she tentatively put her trust in continually came to her rescue. Knowing the end of the story from the Biblical account didn't keep me from holding my breath as the characters got into dangerous situations, and anxiously flipping pages to see how they'd escape trouble.

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