Fashion Drawing Studio, by Mari Bolte

Fashion Drawing Studio: A Guide to Sketching Stylish Fashions
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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Featuring step-by-step sketches and easy-to-follow illustrations, this bind-up gives kids a look into fashion-forward clothing trends including Rock Star, Girly Girl, Glamour, Harajuku, American Girl, and Skater Chic. Tips, techniques, and the perfect outfit accessories round this book out for the future fashion designer.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Mari Bolte is an author of children's books and a lover of art. She lives in southern Minnesota with her husband, daughter, and two wiener dogs. A degree in creative writing has taught her the value of fine writing. Parenthood has made her a purveyor of fine art, with specializations in sidewalk chalk, washable markers, and glitter glue.

MY THOUGHTS:  Beginning with a page of basic drawing instructions, this book assumes that the reader already has some skills in sketching figures. One more page explaining fashion and giving some pointers for drawing rounds out the introduction.

From there, six different categories of styles include about a dozen individual outfits. Each of those has three to five different sketches, showing the reader how to move from a basic body sketch to a full-color drawing of the model wearing that outfit. Also included with each is information about that particular style and tips on how to personalize the look.

The clothes are spunky, the poses are fun, and all types of girls are represented, from sporty to studious to frilly. A couple of random guys show up in the skater section, but they seem to fit right in.

I think my budding artist will enjoy trying out these sketches, and will be inspired to branch out with some original creations after reading all the advice scattered throughout the pages of this book.

**I received an ARC of this ebook through in exchange for my honest review.

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