Growing a Strong Marriage DVD Study

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: In Starting Strong, learn about the importance of cultivating a strong and solid biblical foundation. This study guide combined with candid, never-before-seen video interviews with your favorite marriage experts will help you explore what it means to have shared vision, unity, and belief in your spouse, as well as how to find your true identity in Jesus. Through touching and personal stories, timeless wisdom, and sage advice, you’ll glean spiritual understanding and inspiration for a lifetime of marriage.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR of the STUDY GUIDE: Amy McGowan holds a Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies (Ouachita Baptist University) and a Master of Arts in Religion in marriage and family counseling (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary). She has a passion to help strengthen marriages and teaches marriage enrichment seminars alongside her husband.

SERIES: This is the first of a video Bible study series entitled, Growing a Strong Marriage. The next study is Working Together, followed by Staying Connected (Summer, 2015).  By clicking either of the links above or scrolling to the bottom of this review, you can preview videos that are part of this study.

MY THOUGHTS: Whether you're looking to marry soon, newly married, or deep in the trenches of matrimonial bliss, this study speaks to where you are. Six couples you've probably heard of within Christian circles share about their own marriages on the DVD that accompanies the workbook, making you feel like you're all sitting around in a comfy living room while these marriage experts tell you personal tidbits.

Four lessons make up volume 1--How We Met, Moving into Oneness, Identity in Christ, and Paths to Christ in Marriage. The study guide includes passages to read, questions to answer in the group, and questions to answer together in private after that particular lesson. A leader's guide at the end of the book walks you through how to use the material in a group. Biblical principles are the center of this study, evidenced by the scriptures on every page.

This is not an intense, crisis therapy sort of curriculum. The contents of Vol. 1 are great for understanding the foundations of a marriage centered around God and His ideas of living happily ever after. The videos really help to make the content come alive, and the questions that accompany each session make you think but don't open up the proverbial can of worms that might make for tense group get-togethers. I would definitely recommend this resource for couples who are starting out, who need a shot in the arm to fan the flames, or who are perhaps new to the faith and want to understand the Biblical concept of marriage.

This series is available for purchase from Christian Book Distributors and Amazon.

Growing a Strong Marriage Preview Video from Hendrickson Publishers on Vimeo.

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