Return from Tomorrow, by George G. Ritchie

Return from Tomorrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At twenty years old, Army Private Ritchie was most interested in making it through med school and earning enough money to buy a Cadillac. When a bout with pneumonia took his life, he came face-to-face with Jesus and got a personal tour of some fascinating places.

Ritchie recounts what he saw, from the disembodied, tortured souls wandering the earthly plane to a glimpse of the heavenly city and some of its inhabitants. He also describes the feelings of utter peace and love while in the presence of the Son of God. As he takes in all these incredible happenings, he makes connections between what took place during these various people's lives and what they are experiencing now.

After returning to his body and miraculously coming back to life, Ritchie applies the truth he's seen to the world around him and comes to some significant conclusions, ones that each of us can benefit from understanding.

I not only enjoyed the story--a bit different than some others I've read--but the life principles gave me something to think about and put to use. This is a quick read, which is good because you probably won't be able to put it down until you get to the end anyway! And this one has no parental advisories from the Hammock Librarian, so my girls will have a new read on their shelf.

**Added bonus--This was an Amazon freebie!

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